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I am blogger, writer, marketing analyst, and business minded person. Join me and I would love to feature you here too!

If you’ve come to this page, I’m guessing you want to learn more about me.

Am I Right?

To begin, let me tell you about my experience in blogging and digital marketing, which I hope will be helpful to you.

The Man Behind One of the Most Popular Blogs on the Internet

80 20 rule for saving money
Photo by Niels Steeman on Unsplash

Those of you who want to make the most of your time and work smarter rather than harder have almost certainly heard of the 80 20 rule for saving money — it’s a timeless principle.

This strategy, which is also known as the Pareto Principle or Pareto’s Law, is based…

Good Side Hustles For College Students
Photo by Jabo Elysée on Unsplash

While it may be tempting to take out more student loans than you require to afford your tuition, you will thank yourself later if you keep your debt under control.

There are things that are vital and require urgent attention to take precedence in your daily life. …

How to Get into Real Estate Business
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Are you planning to start this year with a new real estate business or you are already having one? What are you expecting from your business? For sure, either your answer is money or something related to it.

In order to starting out as a real estate agent or run…

legal way to make money online
Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

Money, money, money must be hilarious in the world of the wealthy!

Of course, we’d all like to make some extra cash! Students want pocket money, office workers want extra money to fulfil their ambitions, unemployed degree-holders want to find jobs as soon as possible, and retired housewives search for…

earn money with bots
Photo by Christian Dubovan on Unsplash

These days, you may have heard that many people earn money with chatbots. You may ask, can you make money with chatbots?

Answer: Definitely, Yes!

Chatbots play an important role in the business sector such as enhancing the user experience, increasing traffic and 10x the overall ROI.

Did you know…

Whether you are running a business with a small number of employees or with a staff of thousands people, SEO (an essential form of marketing) is one of the most powerful ways to get your site into search engines to bring more customers and business.

Because without SEO, your website…

To operate a business in New York, whether it is finance, insurance, real estate, leasing, you need fast, powerful, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which helps to attract more qualified potential customers and ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Having an amazing website does not mean that…

Are you tired of a 9 to 5 work job or looking for the most convenient alternative income method but are considering, then go for affiliate marketing, because it is the most powerful method on the web and provides you with the opportunity to make money online at no additional…

Amit Biwaal

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